The Advantages of Getting a Child Support Attorney

If you’re going through a divorce or have children from a previous relationship, you may need the services of a Child Support attorney in Spring Hill Florida. These professionals can help you determine the amount of child support you need to pay and enforce custody arrangements and visitation periods. They also enter negotiations for you and support you during court.

Child Support is money that is paid to a parent after a divorce, child custody dispute, or adoption. It helps support the expenses of raising a child, such as food, clothing, housing, medical costs, schooling and other basic necessities.

It can be difficult for parents to agree on how much child support they need. The Family Courts in New York use a formula that calculates the amount of support based on the incomes of both parents. If the parents are able to agree on a set amount, they can get a temporary child support order. If they can’t agree, then a trial is held in court.

If you and your former spouse have a child support agreement in place, but the amount is no longer reasonable, you may need to file for a modification. This process usually requires a court hearing, and your attorney can help you prepare for it, gather evidence, and present your case to the judge.

Your lawyer can also help you with your child support payments if you need to change the schedule. This could be due to a job loss or illness, a change in child care costs, or another reason.

A child support lawyer in Spring Hill Florida can also help you with any other issues related to the maintenance of your child. These could include changes in the age of your child, a physical or mental disability, college tuition, and more.

You can also request to have your child support reduced if you are losing your job or getting a promotion. This is done by filing a petition with the Court and showing that your circumstances have changed significantly.

During the negotiation phase of your case, a child support attorney will work with you to negotiate the best arrangement for you and your children. They can also ensure that the terms of your child support agreement are enforced through a hearing in family court or a garnishment.

If you’re not able to make your child support payments, contact your child support attorney as soon as possible. This is important because failure to pay child support can be a criminal offense that can lead to jail time. You can also have your driver’s license suspended or lose public assistance.

The child support attorneys at Trinity Family Law are experienced in dealing with all types of family law issues, including issues involving child support. They can guide you through the entire legal process and provide the insight and strategy you need to achieve positive results.

If you need help with a child support case, contact an attorney at Berkman Bottger Newman and Schein today. They have the knowledge and experience you need to protect your rights and the future of your children. They will work hard to ensure that your child receives the fair and adequate support they deserve.

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